Butterfly Life


This jewel like painting celebrates the extraordinary beauty of the butterfly but as well studies the painful and fascinating transformation of the ugly caterpillar into this majestic creature, the struggle of breaking through the cocoon. This cycle of life is analogous to the human life as well, the message being that if we can face our own struggles, pain, challenges and examine our own true characters, we can have more happiness, transforming life into a loving and beautiful experience. Using a centrifugal pattern, this is a narrative of the cycle of life and acts as a metaphor for the struggles of being an earthly creature but as well the great beauty of life. Morning Glory plants encircle this narrative, the bright colors symbolizing the strength of nature’s power to grown, change and transform living creatures. Stylistically this work has connections to various practices including art nouveau, Chinese classical painting, the painting of Georgia O’Keefe all seen in the bright combination of patterns, illustrative detail, and realistic naturalist depiction.


60”x 60”