The Banyan Tree


The otherworldly nature of the great Banyan tree is at the center of this neo-surreal painting, floating almost imbued with anime, the tree emerges from an oceanic landscape, emanating energy and movement while remaining simply a natural phenomenon. The Banyan tree has great sacral meaning in Buddhism and Hinduism, in the latter the God Krishna lives in the tree’s leaf, and in the Bhagavad Gita, the Banyan tree which has upward roots and upturned leaves, and the Vedic hymns are the leaves. Still other symbolism is attributed to the tree in India including wish fulfillment, longevity, immortality, and the creator Brahma. Here this tree serves as a metaphor for the human condition, one root becoming individual trees, growing into an entire forest. Stylistically, this work is related to the Surrealist practice of juxtaposing realism with imaginary nonsensical images to create environments that defy logic and yet have a certain alchemy or energy of its own.

In this glowing metaphorical painting, the tenet of interconnectedness describes humankind’s connections, and the idea that we are from the same source and are akin to the earth and sun, a balance of Ying and Yang, allowing us to grow, symbolized by the imagery of ocean, the sky, the sun, and movement of all the forces of the earth. The richly colored palette indicates the lifeforce of the natural world, and our deep connection to the earth and its power.


44”x 66”