The Simple Journey of a Human Life (5/6)


Using biomorphic shapes symbolizing the innate interconnectedness of the life cycle, and the process of reproduction, growth, and birth, this is a series of six paintings. Stylistically, the work is related to the practice of American artist Georgia O’Keefe, particularly in the treatment of light, and form, and a sense of abstraction in the study of nature. Together this group is a cyclic treatment of human life, man is represented as Yang, and women as Ying, the importance of their union mirrored in the encircled patterns, providing respite and pleasure, and growth all at once. There is a magnification and the use of brightly luminescent colors. The lushness of green indicates the regenerative power of nature and reproduction, the red is in part a nod to the physical body and the connection to our shared experience of birth, growth, love, and death. Energy is seen as ephemeral, constellations of white elemental moments, an alchemy of magic that somehow also ties us to our earthly lives.

In painting one, human life begins with a seed floating in the universe. In the second picture, man and woman grow up as separate individuals until they find one another. The third painting depicts the couple falling in love, and number four shows reproduction and the continuation of life. Painting five is about death and the departure from earthly life, while the final painting, number six shows the two souls meeting in the spiritual realm.


33”x 30”